$4.95/m DDoS Protected VPS 1GB, 12GB RAID10 SSD, 2TB BW @ 1Gbps US/UK/DE

Routerhosting provides web servers for more than 10 years since 2008. You can get VPS servers in 7 available locations. We have servers in Buffalo, New York – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Los Angeles, California – London, UK – Roubaix, France – Montreal, Canada and Frankfurt Germany.

The KVM offer below is located in US and UK (extra $2) and comes with Virtualizor control panel.

SSD KVM - VPS 1GB | | 1 CPU + 1GB RAM + 12GB SSD RAID10 + 2TB DDoS Protected @ 1Gbps BW | $4.95/m - Pay $4.5m /yearly

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WHMCS fails to suspend and gives a customer free service for over a year.

What do you do?

I’m dealing with this issue with a name recognized provider on here and can’t break past the Level 1 wall the technician has put up unable to understand. It’s not about the money unlike most people on here but trust between a customer and provider.

Provider messes up and can’t even give the customer a chance then takes a quick, unrecoverable action that leaves a customer questioning the competence of the provider, the owner and the people who work for the provider.

“Would you like to use the service? (after we terminated your data which is unrecoverable)”

Only notification I got was “Your service was terminated by admin” email which got me to investigate and find out this provider is/has been giving out free service for quite some time.

I’m making this post to get feedback without specifically naming them and I’m going to throw the link in the ticket after the poll.

BuyVM Catastrophic Data Failure – All data lost on a node!

BuyVM suffered a catastrophic failure on a node where multiple SSD controllers failed. Anyone else effected by this? I am! Still waiting for the new server to be provisioned. Good thing I had a semi-recent backup. BuyVM will also be restoring their backup, but it’s a few days old and unsure if it contains everything.

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